Types of Sushi Series: California Roll  LbNA # 48894 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMoo Poo    
Placed DateJul 14 2009
LocationCape Canaveral, FL
Found By (hidden)
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Created by: Moo Poo
Placed by: Moo Poo, Sprouting Sun, Neon Mountains, & The Real Truth
Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand-carved

Banana River Park, Cape Canaveral, FL
From A1A/ N Atlantic Blvd/ Astronaut Blvd, turn onto W Central Blvd.
From Central Blvd, turn Right onto Thurm Blvd (which turns into Puerto del Rio)
Take the first Left.
Observe the rock wall and soccer field on your left. Then, take the first left you come to.
Park in the gravel lot.

1) Start by facing the information kiosk.
2) To your right is a stone-lined path heading for the water’s edge. Walk on this path.
3) On your left, running almost parallel to this path is a green fence. When this green fence comes to an end (it actually makes a 90 degree turn and heads away from you).
4) Step off the path and onto the grass. Walk along the green fence (the water will be on your right).
5) When the green fence ends (again, it makes a 90 degree turn and heads away from you, but this time you won’t be following it) start to count your steps.
6) At about 50 steps, stop. On your right, at the water’s edge, should be a palm tree. Go to the palm tree.
7) Facing the water, look to your left at a large shrub. About one foot in the shrub, at the base of one of the trunks is a black duct-taped bag.
8) Please be sure to seal all bags completely. Be sure to put the baggie for the logbook and the baggie for the stamp in a 2nd bag, and then place back into the duct-taped bag. Hide the bag better than how you found it!
9) Please log your find in to either AtlasQuest.com or Letterboxing.org