Types of Sushi Series: Ikura  LbNA # 48896 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMoo Poo    
Placed DateJul 14 2009
LocationMerritt Island, FL
Found By (hidden)
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TYPES OF SUSHI SERIES: IKURA NIGIRI (Salmon Fish Eggs Nigiri) Letterbox

Created by: Moo Poo
Placed by: Moo Poo, Sprouting Sun, Neon Mountains, & The Real Truth
Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand-carved

Bring bug spray!! The mosquitoes here are vicious! I recommend using something with Deet in it. While we were here, we did a pseudo experiment. One of us wore non-Deet bug spray and the others wore 99% Deet spray. We discovered quickly that the one with no Deet on was constantly swarmed by mosquitoes while the rest of us were untouched.
Also, bring a camera (great photo opportunities here with wildlife) and a trash bag (to pick up trash…if you would like. We tried to pick up as much as possible, but our hands filled up so quickly that we had to leave a considerable amount of trash behind).

Pine Island Conservation Area
Pine Island Rd & Patti Dr, Merritt Island, FL 32953
Take Hwy 528 east to Merritt Island. Turn left (north) on State Road 3 (N Courtenay Parkway) towards the Kennedy Space Center.
Continue north on SR 3 for approximately 5 miles then turn left onto Pine Island Road/ Judson Road(a brown “Great Florida Birding Trail” sign points you in that direction).
Follow Pine Island Road for 2.5 miles and it ends at the entrance to PICA.
You can park here in the “circular” gravel lot, or drive on the first dirt road on your left. I wouldn’t drive on this road if you’re coming during, after, or just before a downpour. You don’t want to get stuck in the clay road. If the weather looks good and you are willing to drive your car around some large pools of water, you are welcome to enjoy the short 0.1 mile trip. We did fine maneuvering the van around the pools of water when we planted the box in July (usually the rainiest month of the year).
Drive to the end of the road (0.1 miles), where it ends in a circular lot. If you continue “straight” on this road, you’ll end up driving down a dirt ramp into the water.
Park at the end of this road, somewhere on the edge of the circular lot.

1) Take the road to the right of the “boat ramp”. This road is quite overgrown.
2) Walk around or over the chain and wooden posts. Observe the small sign on the right that reads, “Launch for Non-Motorized Craft Only”.
3) You will quickly come to a Y in the road with a sign that reads, “Road Closed to Motorized Vehicles and Horseback Riding. Thank You, EEL Program.”
4) Take the path on the right.
5) Walk to the waters edge. Enjoy the many little crabs scurrying about the water’s edge.
6) Then, take the trail on your left.
7) You’ll walk over a wooden bridge.
8) A little bit more on this trail and on your left is a palm tree. Behind the palm tree, at the base, and hidden under a pile of palm tree bark is a black duct-taped bag. I recommend grabbing the bag and walking the extra 0.1 miles to the end of the trail. It opens up at the water’s edge and you have a great view! We spotted manatees and many fish jumping up in the air. Great for pictures!
9) Please be sure to seal all bags completely. Be sure to put the baggie for the logbook and the baggie for the stamp in a 2nd bag, and then place back into the duct-taped bag. Hide the bag better than how you found it!
10) Please log your find in to either AtlasQuest.com or Letterboxing.org