Furry Friends  LbNA # 48912

Placed DateJul 11 2009
LocationGahanna, OH
Found By doublewing
Last Found Mar 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Furry Friends

***CONFIRMED**** Unfortunally Useless is missing, however Whiskers is still waiting on you, no logbook.

I had originally carved these two so that I could plant them in a nearby pet cemetery, but it didn’t work out because there is a house on the cemetery property. If you get a chance, it is interesting to visit, and it is located just east of Reynoldsburg, Ohio. It is called Pet Heaven and I knew about it as my parents had our pet poodle buried there many years ago. I had never visited it until recently and found these two memorials when scouting around for a place to plant. So upon visiting family in Gahanna, I found this Gahanna cemetery nearby and of course being the letterboxer that I am, I had to find someplace to hide “Useless” and “Whiskers”. There is only one logbook for both stamps.
Mifflin Twp. Cemetery is located on Old Ridneour Road which is located off of Rt 62 also known as Johnstown Rd. Go north onto Ridneour Rd. then turn east between the two stone pillars. Proceed until you see “Shull” on your left and stop and park when you come upon “Wilbur and Mary Diehl Shull. Go about 51 paces north, passing Hoyt and Cecille Shull on your left, and you will come to a “goal post” looking concrete fence remnant. When you get to the right side of the fence take three steps to the right, therein you will find “Whiskers” waiting for you. An interesting side note: Below this cemetery is Gahanna’s pride known as Creekside, you will be able to see the walkway below and if you get a chance to visit, it is a beautiful walk. They are known for family events, concerts, a farmers market, classic outdoor movies, holiday events and many more activities.
Now, return to where your vehicle is parked and from the first tree (the one closest to your vehicle) take a reading of 220*and walk to the stone pillars that you came into earlier. On the right side, where the pillar and the concrete meet, you will find “Useless” tucked in snuggly.

Please be stealth and re-hide well and this is a pretty busy area. Happy boxing!