Types of Sushi Series: Tamago Nigiri  LbNA # 48918 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMoo Poo    
Placed DateJul 15 2009
LocationDe Leon Springs, FL
Found By (hidden)
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Created by: Moo Poo
Placed by: Moo Poo, Sprouting Sun, & The Real Truth
Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand-carved

Bring bug spray!! There are mosquitoes and no-see-ums.
Sorry, no dogs.

Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge
2045 Mud Lake Rd, De Leon Springs, FL‎
From US-17 turn onto W Davis St
Turn Left onto Grand Ave
Turn Right at Mud Lake Rd
Drive past the Administration Office on the right. You can pull in to look at the information kiosk and pick up some papers, if you’d like.
You’ll come to an intersection. Go straight where the road turns to dirt. Maneuver around some pot holes (it’s not a very rough road). After 0.3 miles, you’ll cross some railroad trucks into the Wildlife Refuge.
After entering the Refuge, go 0.1 miles and turn Right into a parking area for Myacca Trail. Park here.

1) Start by facing the information kiosk that reads “Myacca Interpretive Hiking Trail 1 Mile Loop.”
2) The trail starts to the left of the kiosk. Begin walking on this trail.
3) Pass an interpretive sign about “Wiregrass”
4) Keep walking until you come to a T with a bench and a interpretive sign on the “Saw Palmetto”
5) Take a right.
6) Just after the interpretive sign on the “Pileated Woodpecker”, there is a small trail on the left. Turn here to get onto this trail (it was a little wet when we went on it in July, but it quickly dries as you continue on the path).
7) You’ll pass an interpretive sign on the “Barred Owl”.
8) You’ll come a Y in the trail (there’s a sign about “Cavity Nests”). Take the Left trail.
9) Pass the interpretive sign on “Beauty Berry” and then stop at the sign on “White-Tailed Deer”.
10) Stand as though you’re looking at the interpretive sign. On your right, across from the trail is an oak tree that stands straight for about 13 feet and then its trunk veers suddenly to the right.
11) On the base of this tree, on the backside is where I have hidden the black duct-taped bag. It should be under moss and palmetto leaves.
12) Please be sure to seal all bags completely. Be sure to put the baggie for the logbook and the baggie for the stamp in a 2nd bag, and then place back into the duct-taped bag. Grab some fresh moss and more dried palmetto leaves to hide the bag better than how you found it!
13) Please log your find in to either AtlasQuest.com or Letterboxing.org