Red Admiral  LbNA # 48935

Placed DateJul 16 2009
LocationConcord, NC
Planted ByThe Red Admirals    
Found By Krickster
Last Found Aug 13 2010
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Red Admiral

Red Admiral is located at a memorial garden in Concord.
The Memorial Garden is located at 36 Spring Street S.W.
Concord, NC 28026-1193
Parking is available for garden visitors.
Ice cream lovers, check out the Cabarrus Creamery at 24 Cabarrus Ave!
Spring/Summer hours: Closed Mondays
Tues.-Sat. 9-5
Sun. 1-5:30

Enter the garden through the gate off of Spring Street. Find the lionshead fountain. Proceed down the path and take the first right. Find the goldfish pond. Continue past a huge willow oak and take the path to the left. Proceed down this path and look for the grave of Mary E. White and two beautiful shade trees. Keep going and you will end up near the bottom of a long staircase. Go down the steps. Turn left at the three-tiered fountain and take the next left into the columbarium (where folks partial to cremation are laid to rest). Walk to the fountain, take a left, walk and turn left again. Face the bench and look to the right. Your prize is behind the center bush, opposite the base of the holly tree trunk.