Snake Shack  LbNA # 48947

Placed DateJul 16 2009
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By A.RoseBud and Sunshin3
Last Found Oct 16 2010
Hike Distance?

This box is located in Deep Run Park.

This is a long trail, but don’t get bored or discouraged. It is a fun, easy and worthwhile trail.

Enter Deep Run Park and go to the second parking lot. Turn in and park.

Cross the wooden footbridge (the one with two rows of bushes in front of it). Walk down the paved path all the way until it runs into another paved path (you will pass the Old Coal Pit sign). Turn left onto this path and follow it for a long ways. You will go around curves and up a hill. The path will end when it runs into another path. Turn right onto this path and keep walking. Walk down this path and you will pass a sign on the right side of the path that says Pignut Hickory. Keep going, you will pass another sign on the right side of the path that says Red Oak. Keep walking, you will pass a marker on the left side of the path with the number 8 on it. Continue on the path, and on the left side of the path you will see a pit in the ground. Immediately after the pit, there is an unpaved path that veers off to the left of the paved path, but is to the right of the pit. When you come to the first fork in this path, stay left. When you come to the next fork, stay right. Keep going straight and up ahead of you, you will see two large logs lying across the path. Cross over these logs and stay on the path. Immediately, you will see a big pine tree on the right side of the path. The Snake Shack is buried at the base of this tree between the path and the tree under sticks and leaves.

Re-hide well so others may enjoy finding the Snake Shack after you.