Fort Ward Trail Box  LbNA # 48962

Ownerbutterfly hunters    
Placed DateJul 17 2009
LocationBainbridge Island, WA
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The box is located in Fort Ward State Park. Drive to topside picnic/parking area, following directions below. This is NOT the parking area along the water, where the boat launch is located.

Driving directions: from the ferry, turn left onto Winslow Way E. Turn right onto Madison Ave N and then left onto Wyatt Way NW. Wyatt will go down a steep left and around a sharp turn to the left, becoming Eagle Harbor Dr NE. Bear right uphill onto Bucklin Hill Rd NE. Keep straight onto Blakely Road West, and stay to the left, bearing onto Blakely Ave NE, past Blakely school on the left. Turn right (following signs to Ft Ward State Park) onto Country Club Road, then right onto Fort Ward Hill Rd. Finally, turn right at Belfair Ave (sign on left) into parking lot for Ft. Ward state park. This is only about a 15 min. drive

Once in the Park, turn left and park. Walk toward circular asphalt path, taking left side of circle. Follow asphalt path, marked off by a white post, past a white sign that says "Medium."

Follow path until sharp right hand turn, leading steeply downhill.

Using heel-to-toe footwork, walk precisely 13 steps down the hill from the corner. Stop. Put hand on chin. Look down remainder of steep path. Say to yourself, "My, if the letter box is somewhere down there, I'm going to have to walk all the way down this steep hill and then all the way back up again. I sure hope it's not down there."

Turn around, facing back up the cement path.

Using heel-to-toe footwork, walk precisely 13 steps back up the hill. (You're welcome.)

Take dirt path right in front of you. Follow along, stepping over log that has fallen across the path.

Walk until head is under an arched tree branch overhead that crosses the path about 15 feet off the ground. Turn around and face back toward the head of the trail, with your head PRECISELY under that tree branch.

Put your left foot in.

Take your left foot out.

Put your left foot in, and shake it all about.

Do the Hokey-Pokey, the TURN AROUND.

(That's what it's all about.)

Follow dirt path up the hill until arriving at another fallen log across the path.

Turn around again. Walk back down to "Hokey-Pokey" branch. Just before arriving at that overhead branch, stop and look to the right, where you will see a fallen log about a foot off the path. Step over that log. Stop. Look under the same log, where you will find the box (and orange round container).