Love Was Raised Here  LbNA # 48970

Placed DateJul 17 2009
LocationBonners Ferry, ID
Found By KfasaPuzzleButterflyStar
Last Found Mar 3 2016
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Love Was Raised Here ~Letterbox

August 11,2012
***~This Letterbox Is In Place~***
The Kootenai River has finally gone down after a summer of high water.

Thanks for your patience. ~Sondog

Bonners Ferry Idaho has an amazing history. From Wikipedia we read:

"The village of Bonners Ferry was formally established in 1893, along the south bank of the Kootenai River. Scattered along the valley and benchland were a few ranches and homesteads. Numerous mines were developed in the nearby mountains, including the Continental Mine in the Selkirks. The lumber industry also grew rapidly. Bonners Ferry, perched on stilts to avoid the inevitable spring floods, appeared to be a boom town.

Moving into the 20th century, the town became the center of a lumbering and farming community. The valley land was drained and diked, and farms were cleared on the benches. The rich Kootenai Valley became known as the "Nile of the North", while the Bonners Ferry Lumber Company grew to be one of the world's largest lumber mills. The downtown took shape as brick buildings were constructed, replacing those on stilts. Today, much of Main Street dates from this initial period of solid, permanent construction."

Downtown is literally down town. It's level is a drop of about 150 feet from the south hill. The town was at the mercy of the Kootenai and so a dike road was built to spare the town from being flood yearly by the snow melt. The portion of the dike road we are concerned with, runs along the south side of the Kootenai.
Find this dike road. Then find where this dike road intersects with what was the Spokane International bridge but now is Union Pacific. Drop down the secondary dirt road that goes under the bridge. It is accessible from the west or the east. You can drive down into it or walk. Your choice. It's kind of a nice place to drop a line in or just have a sit, maybe even enjoy a picnic lunch.
To find the letterbox. Look across the river while standing under the west side of the bridge. You can see a portion of the old S.I. Trestle Bridge.
If you turn around and look at the south end of the metal bridge you should see the word "Love" that some graffiti artist has scripted there. No it wasn't me but I am not beyond using it to farther my clues. Walk through the weeds towards this word but when you get to the second metal trestle from the river, Stop. On the eastside of this footing is the letterbox you seek. It is up against the metal and covered with river rocks.
Please take care removing and replacing these river rocks. If you hit them against the metal trestle they create a loud noise. This may draw unwanted attention to your actions. And as always rehide well. Thanks.
Hope you enjoy the area and this letterbox.
God bless.
Sincerely, Sondog

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