Grandjean Falls  LbNA # 49013

OwnerBirds on a Wire    
Placed DateJul 19 2009
LocationGrandjean, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 23 2013
Hike Distance?

Start your quest by finding your way to Sawtooth Lodge in Grandjean, which is 27 miles east of Lowman. The last six miles to Grandjean is on a narrow forest service road that gets quite a bit of traffic in the summer. Most forest service roads in Idaho are not passable from late fall to early spring.

Park in the parking area near Sawtooth Lodge then walk across the creek. Immediately on your left, there is a road that provides access to some of the cabins. Walk up this road, past the cabins. Shortly after the last cabin, you will cross another road. Immediately on the other side of the road is a small house where a noisy monster lives. His long copper tail sticks out of the house and runs up the hill. Follow the trail near the monster's tail. Soon you will be able to see the first waterfall. Continue on the trail to this waterfall, being careful as you step across the monster's tail as well as rocks along the way. The terrain is uphill and a little bit rough.

After visiting the waterfall, return to the trail and take three steps in the direction from which you came. Stop in front of the large rock that is in the middle of the path. Look up the hill on your left. Slightly above eye level, there is a log that is held in place by a couple other trees. Look behind this log under a couple flat rocks.

While you are in the area, you can also look for the Sawtooth Lodge letterbox.