Edinboro Cemetery/Lake  LbNA # 49017

Placed DateJul 20 2009
LocationEdinboro, PA
Found By 2-2 wheelers
Last Found Sep 5 2010
Hike Distance?

The newer of the two Edinboro Cemeteries is located .5 miles north of the intersection of 6N and Route 99. The cemetery markers show many of the names of the founding families of Edinboro: Kinter; Gibson; Hecker and Campbell.

The flues for this letterbox involve staying on the narrow roadway winding through the cemetery. As you might expect, showing respect for the burial grounds and the deceased is important.

As you turn from Route 99 into the cemeery, you will see two large stone memorials for Hecker and Higby on your left. At the Y in the road, go left and you can park by the B metal marker on the left or you can also park beside the grouping of headstones with the names of Hollenbeck, E. Annette Robin or Nellie Anderson.

Directly across the road on the right is a gnarled by stately locust tree that has seen many fierce winters and winds blowing across Edinboro Lake. And in that propped up-tree, you'll find many craks and crevices. The treasure will be found in one of these on the side away from the lake.

A good spot to stamp is over by the large memorial between two black cannons. The memorial was place there by the Proudfoot Post in memory of dead and unknown soldiers, sailors and marines. This spot has one of the loveliest view of Edinboro Lake, especially at sunset.

Please place everything back the way you found it so it cannot be seen by the many people who pass through the cemetery. If you find there are missing or damaged pieces to the letter, please contact OmaAnnie at clarksoma@gmail.com. Thank you.