Powerball!  LbNA # 49050

Placed DateJul 15 2009
Location???, OR
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?
Last EditedMar 14 2016

#03 When in the course of this hiking event it becomes necessary for one to select a path which forks with another, it is required for one to walk thirty-three steps at three hundred and thirty-three degrees to a rock neighboring two baby evergreens.

#37 This one has been known to be tricky. Proceed toward the highest station in the land. At a gigantic cairn, proceed thirty steps onward. Then, diverge twenty steps at one hundred forty-two degrees. Look at your feet beneath the rock flanked by bear grass on the right and a rhododendron on its left.

#33 This one's Da Bomb! Reaching the summit, look at the dripline of the last Mountain Hemlock on the left. Move the small stones to the left of a larger, flat rock.