Types of Sushi Series: Temaki  LbNA # 49056 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMoo Poo    
Placed DateJul 21 2009
LocationApopka/ Sorrento, FL
Found By (hidden)
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TYPES OF SUSHI SERIES: TEMAKI (Hand-Roll Sushi) Letterbox

This box is located in Kelly Park. Hours – Summer: 9 am to 7 pm. Winter: 8 am to 6 pm.
Per vehicle: $3 (1-2 people); $5 (3-8 people); $1 per person (8 or more)
Note: This park may be closed randomly at times due to large counts of bacteria in the water. Before you head out here, I recommend you call them just to make sure they’re open. (407) 889-4179
I recommend taking at least half a day to enjoy what this park offers: a river to tube in (that totals almost 1 mile) and a great swimming hole. You can rent tubes just before you get into the park, or you can bring your own! I also recommend a good pair of goggles to see all the great rocks, fish and turtles under water. If you love fossils, you can also bring a sifter (I use an old colander) and scoop up sand and sort through it. I’ve found many fossilized sharks’ teeth of varying sizes as well as some fragments of fossilized bone and wood. If it’s too cold to swim (although in the winter, the water stays at 72 degrees, making it warmer than the air! You just have to be ready to warm yourself up as soon as you get out of the water), you are welcome to enjoy the great hiking trails (some of them go past some small springs that boil up in sandy spots). Of course, if you do plant to stay half a day (or more) bring a picnic!
If you’re interested in staying the night, they have a campground, too!
For the hike (it’s not long, I promise) to the box, I suggest you spray yourself with bug spray and wear sunscreen (and hat).

Created by: Moo Poo
Placed by: Moo Poo & The Real Truth
Difficulty: Easy
Stamp: Hand-carved

Kelly Park, Florida
400 East Kelly Park Road, Apopka, FL
From I-4 West Bound, take Exit 84 for US-92/ US-17. Turn Right to get onto State Road 434.
From I-4 East Bound, take Exit 84 for US/92/ US-17. Turn Left to get onto State Road 434.
Continue on State Road 434/ Sanlando Springs Rd/ FL-434 for 1 mile.
Turn Right at Wekiva Springs Rd/ FL-434 and follow it for almost 5 miles as it twists and winds through the Longwood area. You’ll pass Wekiwa Springs State Park on your right.
Just after you pass Wekiwa Springs State Park, the road takes a 90 degree curve to the left. The first light after you take this curve is Welch Road. Turn Right here to get onto Welch Road. Follow it for 2.5 miles.
Turn Right at Rock Springs Rd and follow it for 3.5 miles (you should start seeing brown signs for Kelly Park)
Turn Right at Kelly Park Rd (There is a tube rental place here on the right-hand corner. You can stop here and rent a tube or two if you’d like. Last time I checked, they were $5 each).
After about 0.3 miles, the road hits a T (a chain-link fence should be right in front of you), take a Left here.
Take the first Right you come to get into Kelly Park.
Per vehicle: $3 (1-2 people); $5 (3-8 people); $1 per person (8 or more)

1) Make your way to the parking area and park anywhere you can find a spot.
2) Go down by the swimming area and find Pavilion 3 on the East (left if you’re facing the swimming area with your back to the concession stand and bathrooms) end of the swimming area.
3) Towards the water, near Pavilion 3, is a green map titled, “Welcome to Kelly Park.” Go to this map.
4) While facing the map, you should notice a boardwalk on your left. Take this boardwalk as it heads away from the swimming area.
5) You’ll be walking parallel to the river (it’ll be on your right). Walk past 2 landings (openings so you can get in or out of the water) on your right.
6) Cross over the river.
7) The boardwalk will end and the trail will turn into dirt. Walk past the pavilion on your left.
8) After, you should continue past 2 large pine trees on the right and one large pine tree stump on the left.
9) While continuing on the trail, observe an even larger pine tree on your right with a yellow blaze (spray paint mark) about 10 feet up on the trunk. From here, count 65 steps while continuing on the trail.
10) After the 65th step, you should stop and notice a VERY LARGE tree stump on your left. It’s only about 2 inches tall. (If you end up at a Y in the trail with a brown bench and a #12 bat house up in a tree, you’ve gone too far).
11) Behind this stump is a “daddy” palm tree. Behind the “daddy” palm tree is a “baby” palm tree.
12) To the right of the “baby” palm tree, about 3 feet away, is a palmetto. Look around to make sure no one is coming on either side of the trail, then head to this palmetto (watch your footing, there are some spiny vines). The black duct-taped bag is stuffed into the “bark” of the palmetto, near the base. It’s covered by debris.
13) Remember to stamp away from the hiding spot! You can walk a little further down the trail to a brown bench, if you’d like.
14) Please be sure to seal all bags completely. Be sure to put the baggie for the logbook and the baggie for the stamp in a 2nd bag, and then place back into the duct-taped bag. Grab some fresh debris and more dried palmetto leaves to hide the bag better than how you found it!
15) Please log your find in to either AtlasQuest.com or Letterboxing.org