Four Terns Hometown  LbNA # 49106

OwnerFour Terns    
Placed DateJul 21 2009
LocationSkowhegan, ME
Found By C & H
Last Found May 25 2011
Hike Distance?

In a town named for cornfields
and known for sunset views,
Is a road called East Ridge, right off of Route 2(north of Skowhegan)

Travel west about 5.5 miles, past mountain ridges and farms
To a flat stretch of road with much country charm.

Come to a pond on the right side of the road,
Where you'll see lily pads, frogs, birds, or even a toad.

Across the road on your left is a marvelous place,
That holds some of Cornville's peace, history, and grace.

The Old White Meeting House is quite a sight,
So walk to the last window down on its right.

You'll find the letterbox in the foundation below
To the left of the opening is where you should go.

So leave your mark in the journal of green,
and stamp memories of CORNville and its beautiful scenes!

Please bring you own ink and pens-ENJOY!