Pitch, Hit and Run  LbNA # 49115

Placed DateJul 17 2009
LocationStafford Springs, CT
Planted ByCT Sweet Stuff    
Found By sgbcdridzon
Last Found Mar 18 2012
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Pitch, Hit & Run.

Kealy Complex is located on Rt. 19 in Stafford Springs, CT, near Hydeville Road. The address is: 297 East St, Stafford, CT 06076.

Follow Route 19 to the lower parking lot for Kealy Field.

A young lad named Bud loved to play baseball. He began playing here, at Kealy Field.

Walk up the stairs to the fence. Take a right, and go around the field. Walk up the hill, and to the right of the playground where Bud and his younger sister would play after a game.

The field on your left is Vail Field. This is where Bud started playing ball. He played for the Red Balloon Red Barons here, and the Bats. He also played for the AA Team Laidlaw Cubs.

Walk around the backstop and behind the 1st base dugout. You’ll see a path on the right into the woods. Follow the path until you see 2 large rocks with 2 trees between them. Look behind the 2nd rock for “Pitch”.

Make your way back to the fence for Vail field. Take a right behind the batting cage and down the 3rd base side of the William Lebreche Jr. Field. This is where Bud played for the AAA Team Stafford Mechanical Phillies!

When you are next to 3rd base, take a right into the woods, and up the hill, towards the parking lot. Towards your right side, you will see a big tree with a baby growing out of it’s base. In front of the double tree, you will see a fallen tree. Look for “Hit” in the fallen tree.

Make your way up into the parking lot, then left to go down the road a bit until the Majors field is on your right. This is where Bud played for the Fathers & Sons Pirates.

Go down the hill and follow the fence down the 3rd base side. Go behind the home plate and the scorer’s box. You will see 3 trees, and behind those, one single tree.

Look for “Run” at the back of the rock wall, under a rock that looks like it came from the moon. It’s marked with a stick.