James-Younger Gang Escapes - Dundas  LbNA # 49124

Placed DateJul 23 2009
LocationDundas, MN
Found By ShapingAir
Last Found Sep 15 2012
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Recently found: Sunday, 24 Apr 2013

First in a series of letterboxes that follow the route of the
James-Younger gang after the attempted bank robbery.

Dundas. 2:30 PM, 9/7/1876

Cole, Jim and Bob Younger; Jesse and Frank James; and Charley
Pitts leave their comrades, Clell Miller and Bill Chadwell, dead on
the street in Northfield. Six men on five horses. Cole and Bob are
seriously wounded - Cole in the hip and Bob in the elbow. Their
guide, Chadwell, is dead. They're on the wrong side of the river.
And they failed to disable the telegraph office in Northfield.

The next bridge across the river was three miles south in
Dundas. As the gang nears the town they pause at the riverside to cleanse their wounds and to check out the bridge. Their luck changes. The town has not been alerted because, although a warning had been sent, the telegraph agent was out to lunch. A young farmhand approaches with a farm horse which they steal. They ride off toward the bridge tailed cautiously by a two-person posse from Northfield (on the horses of the two dead robbers.) Once across the bridge, one of the outlaws threatens a local with his pistol, who replies "Put down that pistol and I can
whip you." The outlaw refuses the challenge. Afterward, the Dundas citizen bragged that he had taught those young men some manners. The gang rides on toward Millersburg.

Directions. The letterbox is near where the gang paused. Find the bridge over the Cannon River in downtown Dundas on Hester Street. Actually, there are two bridges with an island between. Go to the island and find the only pole on the north side of the road. Continue into the woods, heading north, with the main course of the river on your left. After about 70 steps there will be a mound of broken up cement to the right. On the south side of the mound about halfway up, the letterbox can be found in a hole under the cement and some wood.