James-Younger Gang Escapes - Kilkenny  LbNA # 49128

Placed DateJul 23 2009
CountyLe Sueur
LocationKilkenny, MN
Found By Educate America
Last Found Mar 17 2012
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Fourth in a series that follows the path of the outlaws after
their attempt to rob the bank in Northfield.

The night of the attempted robbery of the bank, Thursday (the
7th of September, 1876), the James-Younger gang rested in a barn
near Kilkenny, some 14 miles from Northfield, at the Walsh farm
next to Calvary Cemetery (or, some say, at the Lord Brown farm
southwest of town). They arose early, had breakfast and compensated
the Walshes for their hospitality. A mile and a half southwest of
town at a railroad crossing they encountered a man who gave them
directions. The railroad crossing to this day is known as
"Youngers' Crossing". Overnight, a two-week-long rain began and a
posse formed. Already 200 strong; its size will eventually go over
1,000 - the biggest posse in the history of the U.S. Headed
southwest the gang was funneled between the Sakata-Tetonka chain of
lakes on the south and the German-Jefferson chain to the west.
Pickets have been formed at all bridges, fords and crossroads.

Directions: Find Calvary Cemetery about a mile west of Kilkenny. Go to the southwest corner of the parking lot on the south side of the cemetery. In an evergreen tree is where the box should be.