Hiking Bear  LbNA # 49150

Placed DateJul 24 2009
LocationGreeneville, TN
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Hiking Bear

This hybrid--combined letterbox/geocache--is behind a public park, all but the last short distance up to cache/letterbox is easy going.

(That last distance is uphill through growth, however -- a bit strenuous.)

This letterbox/geocache hybrid contains two sealed bags, one with a geocaching logbook, the other with a stamp and logbook for letterboxers. Please do not remove the stamp or logbooks from the small lock 'n lock cache/box. There is just a bit of additional room for very small trading items or hitchhikers if desired.

Consider mosquito spray during the buggy seasons of the year!

Coordinates are:
N 36 09.2503
W 082 50.5711
Elevation: +01576
(averaged with 110 readings, plus or minus 7 feet)

Go up the hill from SW corner of Forest Park picnic shelter, cache under "unusual pile of sticks" (ups) in stump section of a two-trunked tree with uphill trunk fallen.

The stamp is a handcarved hiking bear. This location allows him to be in the woods (sort of), but still hidden in town for geocaching/letterboxing ease.