Storybookland Nursery Rhyme #1 - Jack Be Nimble  LbNA # 49153

OwnerArctic Adventurers    
Placed DateJul 24 2009
LocationAberdeen, SD
Found By RetiredHavinFun
Last Found Sep 19 2009
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Jack Be Nimble
Jack Be Quick
Jack Jump Over the Candle Stick!

Storybookland is located in Wylie Park off HWY 281, in the Northern part of Aberdeen, South Dakota. Here is a link to the website to get specific driving directions and more information about the park:

After parking in the Storybookland lot of Wylie Park, find the arched sign that reads "Storybookland and Land of Oz." From there, follow the yellow brick road, past the railroad tracks, until it ends at the new visitor's center. Walk through the doors into the visitor center and out the doors on the opposite side of the building.

As you enter the nursery rhyme portion of the park there will be a playground to your right and you will see the castle in front of you. Walk toward the castle until you come to three different paved paths. You will want to take the path on the right that leads toward the pumpkin.

Continue down the path toward Jack and Jill Hill. You'll cross a bridge and see two horses and some fun house mirrors on your right. Climb up the stairs to Jack and Jill Hill and enjoy a few slides down this long, silver slide. Our children recommend sliding on your back for faster speed!

Continue down the path once more, crossing another bridge, and enjoy the maze on your right. After completing the maze, you can stop for a photo opportunity at the sign with holes to poke your heads through on a giant mural.

As you continue walking down the path, you'll see pinnochio on your left and Hickory Dickory Dock Slide on your right. After a few times down the red, spiral slide, check out Babe the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan on your left - a GRAND photo opportunity!

Across from those American Legends, you'll see a train. Climb aboard for a pretend trip to the Black Hills. From the train you will be able to spy Jack, getting ready to jump over the blue candle. Our children like to sit on the candles for fun!

Stand by the green candle, facing "The House that Jack Built." Walk ten paces toward the brick planter donated by B & H Masonry. Look under the evergreen bush near the purplish-red fern plant to find your treasure! We included a "Jack" Stamp with red ink, but you may want to bring your own red, green, blue, and yellow markers to draw the candles beside him as we did in the journal in the letterbox!

Please rehide the letterbox completely beneath the evergreen as the other plants are seasonal and will not hide it well enough come fall.

We hope to hear from you soon, and learn all about your adventure finding "Jack Be Nimble!" Please e-mail us at to share your story.