Milo McIver Camp Out  LbNA # 4917

Placed DateJul 7 2003
LocationEstacada, OR
Planted ByThe Paisley Orca    
Found By Hiking Hearts
Last Found Jul 28 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is pathetically easy and so are the clues. The stamp is somewhat large.

DIRECTIONS: When driving through the entrance of Milo McIver State Park a little ways you will come to a major junction with signs. For this letterbox you want to go right toward the camping area. Head on down the road until you see a sign for Group Camps H-1 and H-2. The trailhead you need is at the gate entrance to the group camps.

CLUES: From the Group Camp H-1 and H-2 main gate there is a trailhead post. Start at this post and go down the trail approximately 35 steps. This letterbox is concealed by bark and sticks in the sideways trunk on the right-hand side. This is located right on the trail so please try to be discreet, if possible. Thank you.

Best regards,

Amanda Briles
The Paisley Orca