Milo McIver Camp Out  LbNA # 4917

OwnerThe Paisley Orca    
Placed DateJul 7 2003
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By Hiking Hearts
Last Found Jul 28 2008
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is pathetically easy and so are the clues. The stamp is somewhat large.

DIRECTIONS: When driving through the entrance of Milo McIver State Park a little ways you will come to a major junction with signs. For this letterbox you want to go right toward the camping area. Head on down the road until you see a sign for Group Camps H-1 and H-2. The trailhead you need is at the gate entrance to the group camps.

CLUES: From the Group Camp H-1 and H-2 main gate there is a trailhead post. Start at this post and go down the trail approximately 35 steps. This letterbox is concealed by bark and sticks in the sideways trunk on the right-hand side. This is located right on the trail so please try to be discreet, if possible. Thank you.

Best regards,

Amanda Briles
The Paisley Orca