Little Snowbird  LbNA # 49183

OwnerMr. Bunny    
Placed DateJul 12 2009
LocationRobbinsville, NC
Found By SamantaRose
Last Found Sep 28 2012
Hike Distance?

Your quest is to find the “Snowbird” at Snowbird Mountain Lodge, located at 4633 Santeelah Road, Robbinsville, NC.

Upon arriving at the lodge, park in the gravel parking lot and find the small observation deck. Take the path from the deck down to the herb garden.

Start to follow the split rail fence, passing the summer house on your right. Continue to the end of the fence and listen for ringers.

At the end of the pit, go 30 paces up the hill trail. Stop.

Turn to your right, go 10 paces to the big tree.

Look down for a large rock.

Dig under the rock to discover your quest.