Freudian Slip  LbNA # 49218 (ARCHIVED)

Owner4 little piggies    
Placed DateJul 27 2009
LocationWilliamsburg, KY
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Freudian Slip

To discover ze Freudian Zlip, you must firzt valk zrough zome ozer zychological conzepts:
Nature verzez nurture is von zhat has been debated for yearz. If looking for this letterbox, I vould chooze a natural zetting, zay for inztance Briar Creek Park in Villiamsburg. Take exit 11 and go eazt to zhe ztoplight betveen zhe Taco Bell and Butch’s Exxon. Turn left, and then right onto 2nd Ztreet and you vill approach Briar Creek Park.
Dizzoziation, or zeparatating or zoning out may be a good von to look at alzo: dizzoziate yourself from your car vhen you get it parked.
Tranzitioning, or moving from von thing to another. It is a good bridge metaphor. You should conzider tranzitioning over zhe largest wooden bridge zhat goez over zhe creek. Projecxion iz conzidered a defenze mechanizm; project yourself forward on zhe trail to zhe tree line and continue and continue zouthvesterly until you zee zteps going uphill made from railroad tiez.
Fantazy is practiced by children and adultz exzept now we usually call it imagination. Imagine yourself climbing zhese zteps, then do it.
Izolation is also useful to underztand. That is vhat ve are zeeking for zhe box location. Zig zag your vay to zhe top. The lazt zet of RR tie zteps to the left has a collapsed ztep. Don’t go there. Turn right; zhe RR tie zhat makes up zhis border of your path is hiding our letterbox on itz downhill zide behind a SPOS. Ztamp in in your hoped for izolation, and replaze in the intended zpot zo it iz not vizible.
Regrezzion. Regrezz your vay back to your car
Denial. If questioned, deny zhat zhe letterbox iz zhere, or zhat you vere doing anything ozher zhan exploring this beautiful little park.

As always use stealth, rehide boxes with care in their intended spot so they aren't visible, and bring your own ink. Find reports are always greatly appreciated =)