Firefly Glade  LbNA # 49232 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerLex & Ses    
Placed DateJul 26 2009
LocationClintonville, OH
Found By Ol Tukai
Last Found Oct 25 2009
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Firefly Glade Letterbox
By: Lexiphanicism and Sesquepedalian
Location: Kenny Park, "behind" (West of) Graceland Shopping Center


1. Start at Kenny park, at the far Western end of the parking lot of the Graceland Shopping Center.

2. You should see a soccer field and baseball diamond. Walk to the Southwest corner of the field to find a small path heading into the woods.

3. Walk down the small path until you reach a fork, and then take the left path.

4. This path will take you around a fallen tree with exposed roots. Keep walking, past a small trail leading off on your right that goes down to the river, until you come to another fork.

5. Take the right (straight) path of this fork, ducking under two branches of a fallen tree that lays across the path.

6. Continue forward 28 paces to find another tree with branches fallen across the path. Walk along this tree to the root end, then look across to the other (East) side of the path to find a smaller, still-standing tree.

7. From this tree, take a compass bearing of 135 degrees. Walk 9 paces through the heavy foliage to find a dead tree standing, hidden by grape vines.

8. The box sits inside a hole at the base of this tree, behind a piece of bark. Please rehide well!

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