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Snoopy goes camping


This box is located at a Boy Scout Camp in Hunt Texas “Bear Creek” West of Kerrville and Ingram Texas. The camp may not be open year round.

Here is short history about Scouting and Scouting in the US.

World Scouting


Scouting began in England in 1907-08, created by General Robert Baden-Powell. B-P, a 50-year old bachelor at the time, was one of the few heroes to come out of Britain's Boer War. He was known primarily for his unusual ideas about military scouting, explained in his book Aids to Scouting. Startled to discover that many boys were using his military book as a guide to outdoor activities, he began to think how he could convert his concepts of army scouting for men to "peace scouting" for boys. Gathering ideas from many sources (including Ernest Thompson Seton, who had founded a boys organization in the US), he tested his program on a group of boys on Brownsea Island in 1907. The island camp was successful, so B-P rewrote his military book, calling it Scouting for Boys. The climate was right for a youth program like Scouting, and it spread quickly around the British commonwealth, then to other countries.

World Scouting Today

Today, Scouting is found in 185 of the world's 192 independent countries. The United States has a single national Scouting organization (there are a number of countries, mostly in Europe, that have several separate Scout organizations, divided by religion or language, with different uniforms, advancement, and national hierarchies). Scouting is the world's most successful youth movement. [More information on international Scouting can be found on our World Scouting page.]

Scouting in the United States

Boy Scouts of America (BSA)

William Boyce. The Boy Scouts of America (which also uses the name Scouting/USA) was founded by Chicago publisher William Boyce on February 8, 1910. At that time in the US, there were several other loosely structured outdoor-oriented youth organizations, some using the name "Boy Scout" and some using other names, and there were already a number of troops in existence using some variation of the British Scout program. Boyce's key contribution was to organize the BSA as a business. He incorporated the organization (in Washington, DC, rather than Chicago), recruited key youth professionals to design and operate the program, and he provided key funding for the infant organization.

Some of the early, non-BSA Scouting programs in the US included the US Boy Scout (founded in 1910 shortly after the BSA; see next paragraph), the Lone Scouts of America (founded in 1915 by BSA founder Boyce, who had become dissatisfied with the BSA, and created the LSA for boys living in isolated areas; the LSA merged with the BSA in the 1920s), and the Rhode Island Boy Scouts (RIBS, founded soon after the BSA in 1910, merging with the BSA in 1917, and existing today as the Narragansett Council). It is interesting that the BSA's Boys Life magazine was started by RIBS member Joseph Lane in 1911 (BSA purchased the magazine in 1912).


Directions to Bear Creek: Bear Creek is located approximately 20 miles west of Kerrville, Texas, which lies on Interstate 10. Take Highway 27 west of Kerrville six miles to Ingram. In Ingram, take Highway 39 six miles to Hunt. In Hunt, turn onto FM 1340 and go six miles to Bear Creek. Allow time to enjoy the scenic drive along the Guadalupe River.

On this ruggedly beautiful reservation in the Texas Hill Country, youth, families, and adult volunteers of all ages enjoy weekends, day excursions, and week long summer camp experience


After you enter the main entrance you will see a western store front. In front of building you will see a large sign “BEAR CREEK” . To the right of the sign you will see a large rock. On the left side you will see a small rock covering a small hole. Remove the smaller rock and with a stick you will able to pull the small white box out.


This is Texas and it is always possible to encounter snakes and scorpions under rocks. Use a branch or walking stick to overturn the stones.

Be careful to keep the location a secret and return the box and rock.