The Robotic Freaks  LbNA # 49257 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2009
LocationEast Haddam, CT
Planted ByThe Robotic Freaks    
Found By butterfly
Last Found Oct 17 2009
Hike Distance?

Start at the Sherlock Homes sign at Gilette Castle State Park, and turn right when you get there. When you come to a arch way go through it, and start walking on the dirt path going past the little stone house. Stop at the fork in the path, and go left keep going till you get to another fork in the path, and go left. Step over the fallen tree on the path till you get to a fork in the path with a covered bridge on the right. Go straight (not across the bridge) on a black colored path till you get to a fork in the path with a tree stump with a nail in it, then turn left, and keep going until you hit a dead end with a pile of rocks. Look under the loose rocks, and there you will find the letterbox. Go back the way you came to get to where you started. Have Fun!