Pilot Your Way To Tenntucky  LbNA # 49261

Placed DateJul 23 2009
LocationByrdstown, TN
Found By PackerBackers
Last Found Jul 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Extreme letterbox

Our family has a reunion every couple of years at Eagle Cove Resort. It is a truly beautiful area with clear, refreshing water and many coves to explore.
I seem to be joining others who vacation here and plant letterboxes.
To get this box you will need water transportation, kayak, canoe, or ski boat.
From Eagle Cove, find Pilot Island. **stand at beach, island directly in front of you is Pilot Island** Go to the end of the Island where you will see a sign on the Tennessee side about Tennessee and Kentucky. Walk up the shale steps at the end of the island to an obvious path. Follow it until you see a 14’ stump on the right. Then look for a 7-1/2’ stump on the left which had grown between two rocks. Hope you enjoy the adventure.

Please put plenty of debris back around the box.