Woodbine Falls  LbNA # 49295 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2009
LocationNye, MT
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From Absarokee, take MT 419 torwards Nye. Stay on this road for about 20 miles until three gravel roads (including the one you are on, it will have turned to gravel by now) come together and outline a small triangle with grass in the middle. Go left here. You will go a short distance, crossing two small bridges close together, until you get to where the gravel road you are on makes a "T" with a paved road. Go right here. Stay on this road on up into Custer National Forest (you'll see the sign telling you that you have entered the forest) until the road forks. Go left. When it forks again, go left again. Drive until you get to the small parking lot at the top of the road and park. Follow the trail at the left side of the lot (next to the big sign). Hike 3/4 mile until you get to an artificial wall about three feet high made of rock from which you can get a good view of the waterfall. Put your back to this wall. Directly in front of you will be a large bush. The box is at the base of this bush. Be sure to rehide the box well, this is a very public place and i don't want it found by accident easily!

I live a long way from this box, so if you could drop me a note saying you found the box and that it is all right (or tell me if it's not there), that would be nice. Thanks!