Mitter Tmiff's Traveling Band - DRUM  LbNA # 49298

OwnerThe Spirit Seekers    
Placed DateJul 29 2009
LocationSt John's C of C Cemetery, Burton, TX
Found By Basketcase1
Last Found Oct 24 2014
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Mitter Tmiff once belonged to a great Traveling Band, that played dancing music across Texas. When the rest of the musicians decided to settle down and live ordinary lives, he continued to travel to teach music to those who wanted to learn. In every town he visited, he left one of the Traveling Band's instruments in a secret spot. Mitter Tmiff hoped that one day, a very special student would find all of his instruments and re-form the Traveling Band to get the people dancing again.

Mitter Tmiff's drum is in Burton Cemetery, aka St. John's United C of C Cemetery. He decided it would be a perfect home for the drum because the neat, well-kept rows of graves reminded him of the steady backbeat of a good dancing song.

From Brenham, go west on US-290 for about 10 miles. Turn left on Old Mill Creek Road, and the cemetery will be on your left very shortly. Park by the outdoor chapel and take the time to admire the beautiful glass window. Look for the iron cross marker along the back fence in the old part of the cemetery (near the north entrance). There will be large shrub behind the iron cross, at the foot of a bordered grave. The box is nestled in the bush about a foot off the ground. Please re-hide well, as it looks like the fence line is kept tidy of leaves and trash on a regular basis.

Keep an eye out for the rest of Mitter Tmiff's instruments!

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