Tourist's Guide to Prosser: Home is Where You Park  LbNA # 49299

Placed DateJul 29 2009
LocationProsser, WA
Found By Frog hunters
Last Found May 25 2013
Hike Distance?

A Tourist's Guide to Prosser, Wa is series project under development highlighting various points of the community. Each location will be entered as a separate box for search/logging convenience. There is no vested interest in any businesses presented other than they were interesting to the planter and the area needs boxes.

Home is where we park it. We are an odd flock of birds. Rolling down the hiway, we migrate with the seasons. Yet when we pause, we do like to nest. So in a tree is where you will find me.

Find Location
sign end left shoulder
cedar right shoulder
reach straight into cedar
look slightly lower

(box is now on the far side of the trunk but still at the same level; foliage hides box better there.)

The manager is aware of this box but the guests are not. Usual discretion needed.
There is a covered picnic area you can use for stamping in or sit on the grass out front.
Let Baqash know if you are coming; maybe we can do an exchange.

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