Sailing Lake Pepin  LbNA # 49307 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2009
LocationPepin, WI
Found By thejohndeeresix
Last Found May 8 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was placed in celebration of a wondrous woman's birthday. Artist, healer, chef. Thoughtful, compassionate, generous. A heart as big as the ocean she longs to live on. She loves to go sailing and contents herself now with visiting me to watch the sailboats on Lake Pepin. I wanted to give her a sailboat for her birthday. (I love you, Eileen! What a friend for a lifetime you are!)

Just north of Pepin is a scenic overlook where you can watch the sailboats, too. From the parking area, take the trail along the fenceline to the right. When you reach the edge of the woods, start counting wooden fence posts. At number 7, stop. There is a fallen log to your right and the letterbox is wedged under it (best access from the left side of the log as you face it.)
PLEASE rehide this one well! There are a few geocaches in the area and there was also a letterbox, but it appears the owner has decommissioned it after a geocacher took the stamp and left a trinket! :(

PLEASE NOTE: Geocachers have struck again and taken the stamp. Archiving the box until I can recarve it.