Celery Box Series  LbNA # 4932 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerTennis Pro    
Placed DateSep 4 2014
LocationCelery Farm, Allendale, NJ
Found By FinnSISU
Last Found Jan 14 2012
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 15 2015

Time: 30 min
Terrain: Easy
Clues: Easy

Both boxes have been replaced as of 9/4/2014. Please be sure to hide the boxes well when putting them back so that they don't get removed by the park. Thank you and happy letterboxing!

Take the Allendale exit of of RT.17 North or South. Make a right onto
Allendale Road west. Make a right onto Cottage Place. Make a
right onto Franklin Turnpike. The entrance is about 200 ft. on
the right.

* Please notify me if either one of these boxes is missing or damaged

Clues: Celery Box 1

Look for a billboard made of wood.
Look at the map, I think you should.
Head towards the dead zone and go on the trail.
Go over two bridges, I hope you don't fail.
Go forward, through the gate made by trees.
Go to the bench, sit down, feel the breeze.
Go over the bridge, past wheel with rust.
Continue on the trail, you have to, you must.
Look for a tractor from the days of old,
Get excited for the box you will soon hold.
You have almost found the treasure you seek.
Behind the rear right wheel, go take a peek!

*Please be sure to fully cover the box with leaves so that it is not easily visible when you are finished. Thanks!

Clues: Celery Box 2

Continue on the path from which you just came
Isn't funny how it all looks the same?
Look for a wooden stand, sit down, take a break.
Go over two bridges, don't fall in the lake.
Continue to the left on this beautiful trail
Don't make too much noise or the birdwatchers will wail.
When you see "19" you should take a right turn
Soon you will find the box that you yearn.
Walk some more until you see a bridge made of wood
Go over the bridge, you know you should.
Take a right at the fork toward sign 25.
Go over the bridge, try not to take a dive.
At the tree in the path you'll see a rotting trunk.
The box is beneath it, behind a wood chunk.

*Again please be sure to hide the box underneath the wood chunk well so that it will not be found by any "non-letterboxers". Thanks!