Rest in Peace East Sioux Falls  LbNA # 49351 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerMonarch Mavens    
Placed DateMay 15 2010
LocationSioux Falls, SD
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 21 2013
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In the 1880’s, a pink/red stone called quartzite or jaspar was quarried east of Sioux Falls. This quarry brought workers to the area and a little town sprouted up called East Sioux Falls. There were several businesses and many residences there. With the coming of concrete and various economic problems, the need for quarry stone dried up and soon the town died out. The last of the buildings was demolished in the 1980’s. The Perry family came to own the land of East Sioux Falls and in 1999 they gave the land to the county to develop into a small nature area.
This quarried stone was used for buildings and paving. If you want to see more of the quarries walk through Arrowhead Park just west of Perry Nature Area. Drive on Phillips and Main Avenue in downtown Sioux Falls and you will see buildings still in use in which the red/pink quarry stone was used. Visit Falls Park and you will see another outcropping of this particular quartzite.

Traveling east on South Dakota Highway 42, go 2.8 miles east of the Wal Mart store. Look for signs for Perry Nature area. Turn into Perry Place. Enter on the paved road and turn left almost immediately on to a gravel road. Continue on this gravel lane.(Do not turn left at the next small gravel road.) Your gravel road loops around and finally runs dead into a small gravel parking area. There is a gate there that will let you go no further. Park the car and walk past the gate on the trail. Not even a city block ahead the trail turns to the right and roughly follows the creek. As you walk you may see day lilies etc. on the right which would be flowers that bloomed in citizens’ yards at one time. Perhaps a city block from that turn right in the trail, you will see the foundations/cellars of former homes. If you start a small uphill and loop to the left you have gone too far. You will need to get into what would have been the backyards of these “homes”. There is still a fair amount of clutter (stones, bedsprings,junk, etc) there. But you can safely enter into what would have been the back yards if you walk just past the last foundation and then turn right toward the creek. If you walk towards the creek until you are nearly at the creek and then look to your right again, you will see a stone outdoor fireplace that is now damaged. Look in the chimney pipe to find your treasure. If the grass is high in the summer, you may want to pick up a stick to brush ahead of you in the grass in the backyard so that you do not accidentally trip on something. When the grass is low you can easily walk there with no difficulty, but perhaps caution is needed if the grass/weeds are high.