Gotta Go  LbNA # 4937

Placed DateJul 18 2003
LocationBlackfoot, ID
Found By Lone Princess
Last Found Feb 16 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 11 2015

Note: This box is placed at the North bound rest stop on I 15 north of Blackfoot among the lava fields. (Check out Aryn and Jason’s box on southbound rest stop too)

Hike: easy with wheel chair access along a soon to be completed “Lava Flow Interpretive Trail”. When we were there the signs had not been placed in the sign holders along the trail. When we get input from fellow boxers who have seen the completed trail signs we will adjust the clues.

Directions: Pull into the rest stop among the lava formations and start your hunt behind the roundish mound like restroom facility, heading in a north easterly direction along the curvy slightly uphill paved path to the FIRST black stairway on your left. DO NOT CLIMB THE STAIRS BUT NOTE THAT THERE ARE 4 CONCRETE STEPS AT THE TOP OF THE BLACK GRATED STAIRS CONECTING TO THE CONCRETE LANDING.

We have been advised that there are 2 sets of stairs so you will have to interpret the clues perhaps from both stairs depending upon which set you come upon first. We did not have time to check out the entire trail so didn’t know there were 2 stairs….sorry.

Note that the stairs are just off the main trail on a little spur and that the trail is constructed of concrete sectioned in “blocks”. Placing you self at the foot of the stairs but back at the main trail a short couple of paces away, move ahead counting 93 concrete formed blocks OR 200 lady like paces as the trail curves around lava formations. This will place you in front of the 4th interpretive sign from the stairs. You should be near the rear of the lava trail and the 4th interpretive sign on an off set from the main trail.

From your spot on the trail you can see parts of a green barbed wire fence about 20 feet beyond the trail and in the far distance you can see ranch buildings and fields.

Look behind the 4th interpretive sign, and step off the trail to the short juniper with a lava rock behind it. On the back right side of the rock is a lip that forms the hiding spot for your box. The box is covered with smallish moveable rocks. Note: The trail does continue from the 4th interpretive sign covering more of the lava field.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.

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