Leaving on a Jet Plane  LbNA # 49387

Placed DateAug 2 2009
LocationMorris, CT
Planted ByPuppy Pawz    
Found By Czech Chick
Last Found Sep 19 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 22 2015

This is our first Letter Box that we have hidden, but we have enjoyed finding ones in Litchfield County. Our hikers are all family, and range from age 2 to 50. So the trails we follow can be enjoyed by all. We would love to hear from you if have found our hidden boxes.

Leaving the town of Litchfield take Route 63 toward Bethlehem. Across the street from Route 61 is the beginning of the trail. Park at the entrance of the trail. Follow the White Trail. Aways up you will see a 12 foot stump with a rock at the base, the next tree has a 2 white blaze, take a right into the woods. Look for the tree with the woodpecker holes. Keeping that tree to your left go by the leaning V stump. Past that are 2 fallen trees. Under the bark you will find your LUGGAGE!!

Back on the White Trail keep to your right, and then keep straight on this trail. You will pass a swamp on your right.

Take a left on the Blue Trail.

On your left is large grey boulder with a Memorial imprinted on it. Across from the boulder is a large tree, go 11 steps forward on the path and take a right onto the path in the woods to a short stump, follow the path to a clearing and look for another short stump. Inside the stump are your SUNGLASSES !!

Continue on the Blue Trail. You will come to a pond, stop at the chain fence and enjoy the view.

Keep going on the trail around the bends and down the hill, at the bottom of the hill go right. Stay on the Blue Trail

Look for a big crooked pine tree that looks like a cactus on your right. On your left is a pile of dead birch trees. At the tree with the blue blaze go left on the path in the woods and look for the tree on the rock that looks like an octopus on the bottom. Climb onto the rock and go past the octopus 8 steps to another rock with a tree growing next to it, There you will BOARD YOUR PLANE!!!

Continue on the Blue Trail past the pond. You may follow the Blue Trail out,but it is a walk on the road back to your car, or take the second left after the pond onto the White Trail through the woods back to the parking lot. The White Trail goes around the pond and is a woody trail, but worth the trip.