Autumn Leaves in Witches Hollow  LbNA # 49396

OwnerVintage Vixen    
Placed DateJul 20 2009
LocationSheboygan, WI
Planted By1 Shooting Star    
Found By River Rat
Last Found Jul 6 2016
Hike Distance?

1. Use the main entrance to Evergreen Park.

2. Turn right and view the radar enforced sign (don’t see those often) and park map.

3. Continue through the park and turn left into the first parking lot.

4. Find the trail at the end of the lot. Not the boardwalk trail in the NW corner. Follow the wide trail in the SW corner of the lot.

5. Follow the trail to an open area. You will see a playground ahead and Picnic Area 1. Stop and play, eat if you brought a snack, or enjoy watching the small animals. A narrow path winds through this open area.

6. Follow the path through the area.

7. The path goes right towards the gravel road, but head off the trail to the drinking fountain (a.k.a. bubbler) on the side of the bathroom building. Stop and drink, or fill your water bottle for the rest of the journey.

8. Turn right and follow the park’s main road. Be careful, you will be walking against the traffic. Stay on road until you reach the first picnic area about 30 yards on your left. Find the light pole in this picnic area.

9. From the light pole, turn west, walk 55 paces through 2 trees to a narrow trail on the left.

10. Start down the trail to the fork in the trail. Take the left fork. Oops, you went the wrong way. Take the right fork! The trail winds past fallen trees on your left back toward the main road to a set of stone stairs. The small set of step leads to the main road on your right. The entrance to THE WITCH’S HOLLOW is on your left.

11. Descend the stairs on your left and follow a narrow trail. Be careful as your step over tree roots, fallen autumn leaves, and through the ferns. Listen for the babbling stream ahead of you in THE WITCH’S HOLLOW.

12. Follow the trail toward the stream’s edge and stop at a large metal pipe buried in the ground at the bottom of the trail.

13. Looking left you will see the remains of stone walls and stone bridges that the witches destroyed.

14. Looking right you will see a 4-trunk tree near the stream containing your treasure. Search near the base of the tree, inside a small hole.


15. At the tree, you will see the water flowing behind you into THE WITCH’S HOLLOW. The tunnel goes under the road to the other side. This is where the witches live. They haunt the park at night! Look in, but don’t walk through!!!