Bog Bridge  LbNA # 49416

OwnerMerlin and Ardea      
Placed DateJul 30 2009
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By Ashley Huebner
Last Found Sep 26 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 26 2015

Go to Baking Quog in Pirth Wark.
Follow the main boardwalk and take first left.
At 90° corner, go left down path over short boardwalk.
Continue past boulder on left, on trail up hill between posts.
Go right on trail over Door to Underworld.
At Double Doors to Underworld, take 28 steps uphill.
Take small trail to right 52 steps, passing large tree on left trail edge.
See fallen tree on right side of trail.
See roots of fallen tree on left side.
Follow trunk to the broken fork.
Look left to the roots of a second fallen tree.
Facing the root end, look along the right side.