GVL Hike Series  LbNA # 49429

Placed DateAug 2 2009
CountySan Bernardino
LocationGreen Valley Lake, CA
Planted ByThe McGuire Girls    
Found By Kelsung
Last Found Aug 17 2012
Hike Distance?

Every year, our family goes camping at Green Valley Lake with a group of friends. We get to relax in a beautiful setting and spend time with family and friends, away from the hectic pace of the city. We’ve established a tradition where the dads take all the kids for a hike after breakfast on the first day while the moms clean up breakfast then relax together over coffee.

Over the years, the kids have named a few distinctive rock formations. We decided to share them with you! The hike is fairly easy but you should take some water to help you stay hydrated! Our kids have been going on this hike since some of them were as little as two years old. Keep your eyes out for lizards! They like to hang out in the sun!

The hike starts in the Green Valley Lake campground near site number 11. Continue up the dirt road east of site 11. You can access a map of the campground at www.reserveamerica.com. Travel approximately ¼ of a mile to where the road curves distinctly to the right. Go left to the hiking trail.

GVL Wildflower
Follow the trail up past oaks and pines to the first cluster of boulders. On the right hand side, you should see “butt-crack rock”, named when the kids were in the potty-humor stage. At the base of “butt-crack rock” there is a flat pair of stones. The larger one has a square, notched-out corner. Stand at the notched-out corner and look at the boulders above. To the right, there is a rock that looks like the profile of a Snoopy-type dog (aptly named “dog-face rock”). Walk 7 steps to the right of “dog-face rock” and look to the left. The GVL Wildflower is hidden at the junction of “dog-face rock” and another boulder in a small pile of rocks.

GVL Dragonfly
Continue up the trail to the left to “banana boat”, a rock shaped like a boat between a pine and an oak. Relax and take a sip of water in the boat. This is a great photo opportunity! Also, take a moment to notice the land in recovery from fire. It is truly amazing. When you are ready to return, stand by the “banana boat” then take 10 steps back down the trail toward the road. There should be a pine tree with three boulders at its base to your left. The GVL Dragonfly is hidden in a pile of rocks at the junction of the boulders.

We hope you enjoyed your hike! Now go back to town, pick up an icecream at the General Store then go relax on the beach by the lake!