Stone Mtn Echoes: Gone with the Wind  LbNA # 49478

Placed DateJul 31 2009
LocationStone Mountain, GA
Planted ByOread    
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Aug 17 2009
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On August 7, 2004, letterboxing in Georgia became something more than a little-known hobby. On that day, an article appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "The Game's Afoot" featured interviews with Mark and Red's Bunch. On that same day, the first-ever Southeast Gathering was held at Stone Mountain Park.

At the end of that day there were 14 letterboxes inside the gates. Five years later, there are more than 250 active boxes -- THE greatest concentration of letterboxes per acre ANYWHERE.

The Stone Mountain Echoes letterboxes have been planted to commemorate those first 14 boxes, to honor what the pioneers started at Stone Mountain. The locals visit these old haunts regularly on our hikes through the park, as some of the original boxes are still active. And yes, some of those old boxes have been lost forever. Even so, while the locations and trails are much more familiar, those spots still retain a sense of mystique and wonder, as if the amazement some of us felt seeped out of us and became part of the mountain. We hope these new reprointerprecreations can help bring those same feelings to the folks who are just starting out, or who just haven't been there yet.


The original Gone With The Wind letterbox was carved by Amanda from Seattle and planted by Mark on August 1, 2004. It has been retired (lost).

Bring along Orange and Black ink pads or markers for the best effect!


Enter the park and proceed left. Watch your speed, the fuzz is bad in this park. Continue until you start to head uphill and in front of you will be a triangle split in the road. Veer left. Once left, and up the hill, look for your first street on your right and turn in there. Proceed forward to the Azalea parking area and head to the back of it, which will be the far end of the parking lot. There will be a refreshment shelter and bathrooms here. Park here and head toward the bathrooms on a black asphalt strip that runs against the edge of a wall facing the hotel next door. Do not be fooled and think that you have to pay to enter the plantation. Just follow this asphalt strip past the bathrooms and past the 1083 school building on your right. A brick fence will appear on your right, which surrounds the old plantation. 19 paces past the end of the brick wall, the end being where it turns sharply to the right and no longer follows the asphalt, will be a street lamp on your right. In front of you will be a wood pole with gray plastic on it, behind you will be a brown pole. Look on your left for a big tree with an open bottom.

The Stone Mtn Echoes: Gone With The Wind Letterbox is above and to the right of the big hole at the bottom of the tree, nestled in between the roots, covered by natural debris. After you stamp in, be sure to wander behind the plantation for a great view unless frankly, you don't give a damn!

Happy Anniversary, Georgia letterboxers!