USS Indianapolis  LbNA # 49495

Placed DateAug 6 2009
Locationindianapolis, IN
Planted ByHikerFam    
Found By Sudukees
Last Found Nov 25 2011
Hike Distance?

“USS Indianapolis”

Park at the White River Visitor Center in Downtown Indianapolis (801 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, IN 46204; 1-3 hours/$2) or in the underground parking garage at the Indiana State Museum.
• Begin your walk at the big flag pole at the far southwest corner of the Indiana State Museum grounds next to the pedestrian entrance to the parking garage.
• Walk north on the sidewalk that skirts the west edge of the Indiana State Museum. Located on the outside of the museum, is an icon from every county in the state. Look on the west wall of the museum for the cat in the pickle jar. Continue walking north on the sidewalk bridging the canal.
• At the end of the canal bridge, turn right and go down the stairs to your immediate right. At the end of the stairs, turn left and walk along the canal.
• Soon you will come to the Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial. This memorial honors those who have received America’s highest award for military valor, rising above and beyond the call of duty. Take a moment to be thankful for these military heroes. If you have time, look for the earliest recipient (Civil War era) and the only woman to receive this medal.
• Continue walking east along the canal. Just past the pedal boat rental, there will be a set of stairs to take you over to the other side of the canal.
• Cross the canal and follow it as it curves and turns north. From this point to the time you will arrive at the USS Indianapolis Memorial is a 12 minute leisurely walk. Enjoy yourself as you encounter people using pedal boats along the canal, gondoliers, bicycles and surreys and as you spot ducks and maybe even a dog taking a dip in the canal. You will be delighted with fountains and beautifully maintained hotel and condo grounds.
• Immediately past the green bridge at Walnut Street (street names are marked on the bridges), turn right to enter the USS Indianapolis Memorial. The Indianapolis delivered the first world’s first operational atomic bomb in July of 1945. She was torpedoed by the Japanese 4 days later and sank in shark-infested waters. This memorial honors those who survived and those who died on board the ship. To learn more about this fascinating story, go to
• After leaving the memorial, take the sidewalk that will take you up and over the green bridge to the other side of the canal. At the end of the bridge there is a low wall that curves around to meet the bridge support. Slide your hand under the ivy on this wall to find the “USS Indianapolis.”