Connie Mack World Series  LbNA # 49501 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 6 2009
CountySan Juan
LocationFarmington, NM
Found By huginn
Last Found Jan 26 2012
Hike Distance?

Once a year, in the four corner’s city of Farmington, NM, the American Amateur Baseball Congress sponsors the Connie Mack World Series. Connie Mack is for players ages 16 to 18 from the US and Puerto Rico.

In celebration of America’s favorite pastime there will be a box hidden close to the park from August 6-13, 2010. You will find it by first finding Main Street, it doesn’t matter if you are coming from the East or the West, you need to turn North on Fairgrounds Rd. You will drive past Ricketts Ball Park, where the World Series is being played and take a left onto Vine Street (if you go right you will drive into the swimming pool parking lot.) This road winds around between Ricketts Ball Park and some smaller fields on the right. As the road begins to curve to the left you will see a tree shaded parking area on the right by the small fields. The box is in this area. There are 2 picnic tables one close to the road and one tucked a little further back in the NW part of the lot. If you see that table, you will also see a path going up and over the hill past the table. On the left of the trail, at the top of the hill, is a Russian Olive (watch for the pokies) with its roots exposed and a S.P.O.R. so that all can see. The box is behind the S.P.O.R.

Please be very discreet, this will be a busy place during the games, and don’t forget people might be wathcing from their cars. Do a good job of putting things back the way you found them. Enjoy the beauty of this area and if a game is going, the sounds of summer.

This box has a great hand carved stamp and a fun log book.
Please carry out more trash than you carry in!