Summer Fun (3)  LbNA # 49505

Placed DateAug 7 2009
LocationWest Linn, OR
Found By spaceship passengers
Last Found Sep 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Fields Bridge Park
821 Willamette Falls Drive
West Linn, OR

Welcome to Fields Bridge Park in West Linn.
Lots to see, but let's do the boxes first...
Start your walk on the paved path closest to Willamette Falls Drive.

Summer Fun #1:
Take the first right just past the pond, the river will be in sight.
As the path takes a turn, look for the three trunked tree on the right.
Below, an assortment of rocks is all over the ground,
It may be easiest to step down a few and turn around.
Under a grass covered rock, nestled snuggly below,
Grab the box and sail off where the wind blows.

Summer Fun #2:
With the river on your left, continue your summer dance.
Take the right path when you have a chance.
An old log is sleeping under the trees on your left,
Look behind the log for a rock you can heft.
Find a spot in the shade to rest your feet,
You are sure to enjoy this tasty treat.

Summer Fun #3:
Take the left path at the next Y
Glance left to see where meteorites fly.
When given a choice, take the path to the right.
Quickly duck under the branches, left out of the light.
Under the rock at the base of the big tree, take a look.
See what comes up on the end of the hook.

Now you are free to explore the rest of the park - try to make some summer fun of your own.
There are fishing decks, baseball fields, small beach access, playground, community garden, and lots of information about the Willamette Meteorite.

***Please be discreet and rehide these boxes carefully***
Paths are all paved, and boxes are close to the paths.