The Mermaid's Purse  LbNA # 49531

OwnerThe Saints    
Placed DateMay 4 2009
LocationRaleigh, NC
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The Mermaid's Purse

Put your boat in the water at the Rt. 50 / Creedmoor Road boat ramp.

PLEASE NOTE: The street address I used for AQ posting may not be an exact match. The entrance sign reads Rt. 50 Boat Ramp and is a gray color. I believe it is the only boat access ramp on Creedmoor Road.

Once you have your boat in the water, turn right and head under the bridge.

After about five minutes you’ll make a wide right turn before the marina.

Here you are entering the WIDE part of Falls Lake - keep close to the shoreline on the right.

Drive about five more minutes and when you look ahead you'll see outbuildings for the "beach" area – if you get there, you’ve gone too far, so slow down.

Drop anchor at the smooth, rocky shoreline and swim to shore (about the distance shown in the photo). The water is not very deep; about six feet.

You’ll see that there are two trees in this area with yellow spray paint and “State Park” signs on them.

The Mermaid’s Purse is hidden behind the one on the left near a very tall, dead stump at the shoreline (see photo).

I'm hoping that this tall, dead stump remains standing for some time, but on the shore near here there are a bunch that have fallen down. Just keep that in mind.