Trail of Fears: Arachnophobia  LbNA # 49544

Placed DateAug 6 2009
LocationCannon Falls, MN
Found By Trekkin' and Birdin'
Last Found Sep 13 2009
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Recent Visit: Saturday, 09 October 2010

It is well known that letterboxing has helped many people with their physical problems. This Trail of Fears series is designed to help deal with mental ones as well. Some commonly occurring irrational hangups can be overcome by employing the highly successful treatment known as "encounter therapy". Compared to consulting a psychiatrist, you can amortize the cost of your gas for letterboxing
for a year in one easy session.

Arachnophobia = the fear of spiders. In looking for this box you'll find a lot of places where spiders lie just waiting for an unsuspecting letterboxer to thrust their hand into its spider hole. But getting the box is worth it, helping to alleviate your fear of spiders.

Directions: Along the Cannon Valley Bike Trail between MM3 (Mile Marker 3) and MM4 (but closer to 4) you'll cross Trail Run Creek by the Anderson Memorial Rest Area. To the northeast of the bridge is a latrine. Follow the grassy trail from there to the north and east for about 150 paces. There there will branch to the northwest; follow it about 50 paces to a T intersection. There take the right branch to the northeast for another 50 paces. To the left of the trail a few paces, about halfway between the trail and the river, is a large cottonwood tree. (There will have been several more such trees along the route.) In the base of the tree you'll find the box.

For more see

Spider Bites.

"Arachnophobia" (1990) The movie. Has not yet been seen by these 'boxers. Any reviews in your notes would be appreciated.

Until Nov. 1 there is a $3/day or $20/year pass required for biking or rollerblading on the trail. Otherwise it's free.

Winter Friendliness? Somewhat, if you can get to it.