Forever Fiddleheads  LbNA # 49550

Placed DateAug 8 2009
LocationRingwood, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Nov 26 2011
Hike Distance?

This hike takes place in Long Pond Iron Works State Park on the white blazed Monks Loop Trail. This area is home to numerous species of wildlife. It provides lovely views of the reservoir, passes the remains of an old iron mine and is abundant with native species of ferns, wildflowers and fungi. Please tread very carefully.

Off Greenwood Lake Turnpike, park at the Northern boat launch for the Monksville Reservoir. (Directly opposite from Beech Road)

This is a moderate hike with climbs. The two hand carved stamps “go together”. :)

Box # 1 “D”
(Iron Mine)

• From the snake, walk approximately 50 feet ahead on the woods road.
The white markers for the Monksville Loop Trail enter the woods on both sides of the road …..
• Which way to follow the clues? Look to the head of the snake.
• With the sounds of the road at your left, follow the White Blazes.
• The trail will pass under powerlines, then a gas pipeline.
• Just past the pipeline crossing, the trail begins to decend...If you look carefully to your left you will see two open pits 100 feet off the trail. This is the location and remains of the Winston Iron Mine which was opened during the Civil War and closed in 1880.
• Continue to follow the White Blazes
• After crossing a stream on boulders, the trail continues through a rocky area and descends slightly.
• At the base of the decent, look carefully and you will see a mine opening filled with water on your left.
• Walk to the White Marker on a thin tree.
• From there, walk ahead to the large old tree on your right.
• Standing by the large old tree, look into the woods to your left.
• You will see a boulder with a tree growing out of it.
• Behind the tree is what you seek. Please camouflage well before leaving.

Box # 2 “S”

• You are about a mile from the start…following the White Markers will take you right at a T section.
• Crossing a wet area, the trail now begins to ascend Monks Mountain climbing about 300 vertical feet on a winding footpath in the next quarter of a mile.
• At the top of the climb you will see a side trail with blue on white markers.
• With your back to the triple markers and your feet facing the trail, take a compass reading of 30 degrees NE.
• What you seek is on the right side of the small boulder that is wedged under the fallen tree.
• Before heading home, take the side trail which very shortly leads to an awesome view of the reservoir and the opportunity to see native cactus plants.
• You can return to the White Blazes and continue to complete the Monks Loop trail back to the car.

Happy Hunting!
Sera & Doobie