Makalia's Angel  LbNA # 49565

OwnerYellow Butterfly9    
Placed DateAug 8 2009
LocationYoungstown, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found May 1 2014
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Makalia's Angel

Drive to Poland, Ohio.
Route 224 runs East to West.
Turn onto Riverside Dr. to the left coming from the West or turn right onto Riverside Dr. coming from the East.

Locate Poland Riverside Cemetary on your left. Park at the flagpole.

This cemetary was created in 1864. There are 125 Civil War Veterans buried at Poland Riverside Cemetary. The little village if Poland is rich in American History. It was one of the
central points of the Western Reserve. The village has Ohio Historical Markers dating back to 1802. The Old Stone Tavern on South Main Street is the third one honored with this. The other two are
at Poland Middle School and Poland Presbyterian Church.

The tavern, built in 1804, is the oldest building in the community and believed to be among the oldest in Ohio’s Western Reserve. It served as a stopping place for stagecoaches traveling
between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. It was on the tavern’s steps where William McKinley was sworn in as a private in Ohio’s 23rd Infantry. The swearing-in of the Poland resident, who would become the country’s 25th president. McKinley's sisters are buried in the Riverside Cemetery.


From the flag pole bear right at the Y in the road. At the crossroads by the big urn turn left. At the next Y keep to the right. This loops around to the right with Bishop on the corner.
Stop here to see our heritage. President McKinley stands atop a monument and the bottom reads:
Poland honors her sons who died in the war for the Union 1861-5
Canons adorn the monument.
Turn around and view the memorials to all of our fallen heros.
Continue on your journey. At the next Y bear left at the McNab Mosoleum. Continue around and bear right at the next intersection. You will see a very large tree to your left almost into the road.
Look for a very large pine tree keeping watch over the Froom family. 2 large rhododendrons grow next to the Frooms. Just barely visible is D. Allison Moore 1884-1915.
Look for George E. McNab and Harry G. Else 1865-1936.
Your prize is tucked away between the these two gentleman. She is guardian angel of all who lie in rest in this beautiful cemetary.

CLUE TWO: Forever Faithful
Continue on your journey up the hill. At the Y bear right. You will see a large tree to your right and Becker to your left.
Look for Man's Best Friend.
Stop and pay respects to John Fredrick Tyler.

Walk to the monument. THOMAS holds your prize.
Laid to rest is
Charles Samuel 1868-1945
Helen Struthers 1869-1975
Your prize is hidden in the back part of the monument in the hedges.

Continue back down the hill keeping the flagpole in site to your car.
Happy letterboxing!!

This is in memory of our Makalia Renee Brown, 08/08/98-03/01/05