Please Don't Chase Squirrels  LbNA # 49566

Placed DateAug 9 2009
CountyBlue Earth
LocationMankato, MN
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Please Don't Chase Squirrels

"Please Don't Chase Squirrels" letterbox

The first time I took my dog backpacking at Rasmussen Woods, she spotted a squirrel and took off chasing after it. She ran off the trail and up the hill with her backpack panniers flapping up and down nearly slapping all the common sense out of her.
I call this letterbox "Please Don't Chase Squirrels" since my Labrador Retriever thinks they are as much fun to flush in the woods as ducks are from a blind.

Park and walk to the Mankato Elk's Nature Center building. You'll see a brown building on your right and a huge boulder on your left that has a plaque on it with Mankato Elk's Nature Center (I didn't bother to read the fine print). Take 9 steps and you'll find the 2nd large boulder. Thirteen steps will lead you to the Welcome sign on your right. Take six more steps to get to the 3rd boulder then make a right turn onto the path.

21 steps will lead you to the 4th boulder then sixty more steps to the first bench on your right. The path will fork and you'll want to go to the left. A small group of trees and three smaller boulders are on the left side of the path.

Follow the path and you'll wind back around to the right. You'll find the 2nd bench on your left. The path starts inclining at this point so sit down, have a sip of water or apply some OFF...maybe pluck some bark chips out of your shoes.

Heading up the hill you will see the 3rd bench on your right. From there, take 5 steps forward and turn to your left. Take 16 steps forward and you'll find three trees with a hollowed out tree stump in front of them. The cache is buried under two rocks inside the tree stump.

Please return the cache where you found it.