Boy and the Boot  LbNA # 49604

OwnerBlue Heron    
Placed DateAug 10 2009
LocationSandusky, OH
Found By Gill Gumshoes
Last Found Aug 5 2012
Hike Distance?

The Planters of this box are former Sanduskians who spent many hours in these parks and hanging around the real Boy and the Boot.

The Boy and the Boot is a longtime symbol used by the City of Sandusky. He is a striking lad holding up a leaky boot standing atop a fountain in Washington Park in Sandusky, Ohio. This park is 4 quadrants big surrounding the intersections of Washington Street and Columbus Avenue. It is in downtown Sandusky. The City of Sandusky does a marvelous job maintaining the park. There are numerous flower displays, a working floral clock that has the date changed every day, various monuments, and a music gazebo. The Boy and the Boot fountain has stood for many years. In town stores sell miniature Boy and the Boot statues, and a local garden store sell nearly lifesize statues some people put in their own garden.

This letterbox is intended to attract people to not only see the Boy and the Boot statue, but to enjoy the parks which are simply charming.

The problem placing a letterbox in the park anywhere near the Boy is that the City does "too good" of a job maintaining the park. There are really no good places to hide the box in the park so the planter of this box looked around. Facing the fountain with Washington Street to your back look right to the large building with a circular front. It used to be the city's Post Office. It says so right on the top facing stone. It is now a Merry-Go-Round Museum. We think there is a letterbox in the museum. Since we could find no good hiding place in the parks we went to the back of the Merry-Go-Round Museum on the side that bumps up against Central Ave. There is a wooden ramp for the handicapped. Stand at the sidewalk, count up 5 posts on the left side facing the parking lot. The box is under the ramp just a bit shy of the 5th pole. Look under the ramp for the box. It is a tupperware type box with camo tape around it. The planter has repaired the logbook recently and placed it in new plastic bags so it should be dry.

This box is "really" out in the open. It is really easy to find. You have seen other planters mentions that stealthiness is important. It is really important here. We drove our car up to the parking place right in front of the 5th post, and were hidden a little at least.

Thanks for visiting Sandusky.