Damariscove Trails  LbNA # 49628

OwnerOcean Pointers    
Placed DateAug 8 2009
LocationBoothbay Harbor, ME
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7/5/10 The 1st & 3rd boxes are gone. The one near the beach is still there

Damariscove is a small island with a lot of history five miles off Boothbay Harbor. It is part of Boothbay Region Land Trust, a group which conserves land for benefit of residents and visitors. You will need a boat to reach Damariscove. Decent walking shoes will come in handy too. For more info, check out www.bbrlt.org

Once on the island, grab a trail map at the kiosk. The first stamp will be found at the Museum. Take a peek inside the museum if it’s open. Folks have done a lot of work laying out the history of the island. Sit on the porch & enjoy the view before taking a peek underneath.

Proceed up the Pond Loop Trail towards the Rocky Shores & Tidal Pools. The next two stamps can be found along this trail which is about two miles long.

Hike until you reach Bar Cove Beach. Immediately before turning left onto the rocky beach, there are two “trail” signs criss-crossed. Look underneath in the bank. Be sure to replace the rocks & bricks. The pond where the muskrat might be found is right behind you.

Make your way across the beach & pick up the trail again. At the highest point along that part of the trail, notice a stone wall. On the left is a “13”. Look closely behind in the tall grass for the last stamp.

Enjoy the island!