Bear Aware  LbNA # 49629 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2009
LocationYosemite, CA
Planted ByApurpleangel    
Found By NancyAnne & Doug
Last Found Oct 8 2009
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 20 2015

Bear Aware

You can hop onthe Yosemite Shuttle
If you 12x12, divide by 2, then
subtractby 60.
That will be the stop you get on.

Then switch on to another stop.
You 50 plus 50, divide 25, then
plus 9 is the stop you switch to.

Get on another stop you 27 plus 27, divide
by 2, then subtract 6.

To get to the letterbox.
You divide 81 by 3,
divide by 9 , then add that # by itself
is the stop you need to get off.

When you look at The Falls Directory
Look left & there will be 2 pathways.
Take the one w/o the white & yellow lines.
Once you find which way, walk down the pavement for about 2min. Then walk towards the bridge. Keep walking
Until you find another bridge on the right.
They are bothe Flat Stone Path.
Left of the golden Statue Rock Path on left.

Walk towards the waterfalls in your LEFT there
will be a Redwood Tree therea a carving
'Dillon' you look @ the 2 trees on your
left thees are some more trees in front
of you about 4.
You walk into the 2 trees out of 4
& you will see some rocks.
The rock w/ the moss on it.
You look down there will be 2 hole, the one on your
RIGHT. There lies a BEAR!