Younger Bros. - Hanska Slough  LbNA # 49661

Placed DateAug 12 2009
LocationLaSalle, MN
Found By Gforce6
Last Found Dec 31 2011
Hike Distance?

This is the culmination of the series on the James/Younger Gang's escape route after their unsuccessful attempt to rob the bank in Northfield in 1876.

After being informed by Asle Sorbel, a posse was quickly formed in Madelia with members from the surrounding area including St. James. The gang (Cole, Jim and Bob Younger and Charlie Pitts (alias Sam Wells)), still afoot, was heading in their direction and tried unsuccessfully to steal horses, but the owners kept one step ahead of them. The posse heads off the gang and ultimately surrounds them at Hanska Slough. A sub-posse of seven members volunteers to flush the gang out of the thicket. As in Northfield the locals outgun the professionals. After much exchange of gunfire the robbers surrender. Pitts is dead and all the Youngers seriously wounded. The posses' wounds are superficial. The brothers, thinking they're going to a "necktie social", are hauled off to Madelia instead where they're jailed and their wounds are treated. A few days later they're moved to Faribault where they're jailed, tried, convicted and sentenced to life in Stillwater prison, avoiding the death penalty by pleading guilty to the murder charges.

To reach the capture site: LaSalle is west of Medelia and south of Lake Hanska. To reach the capture site, take Broadway south of LaSalle to the intersection of the county roads where there'll be a sign directing you straight ahead to the site just south of the intersection.

To reach the letterbox: Due to drainage, tiling, and deepening of the river, this part of the slough is now a meadow. From the monument commemorating the posse members, go at 200 degrees for 150 feet. There, in a tree, you'll
find the box.