James/Younger Gang Escapes - Millersburg  LbNA # 49674

Placed DateJul 22 2009
LocationMillersburg, MN
Found By a silk hill spy
Last Found Sep 26 2011
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Recently found: Friday, 03 Mar 2013

Second in a series that traces the route the James-Younger gang took after their unsuccessful attempt to rob the First National Bank in Northfield.

Millersburg, 3:00 PM, 9/7/1876

Some of the gang had spent the night before the robbery attempt at the Millersburg Inn. Millersburg had no telegraph and so was unaware of the robbery. As the robbers ride past, the owner of the inn noticed the sad shape they're in. (Boonies in Millersburg now has a collection of James-Younger posters and clippings.)

West of town they passed the location of Christdala Lutheran Church. Although the church and cemetery weren't there in 1876 the killing of the unarmed Nickolas Gustavson during the raid in Northfield was a catalyst for its founding. Gustavson's family was part of a group of Swedish immigrants around Millersburg. The fact that they had no cemetery of their own in which to bury him accelerated the building of this church and cemetery.

Directions: In front of the church, about a mile or so west of Millersburg, you will find two plaques, one about the church, one about the victim. Pace off the distance between the plaques and then continue for about 3 or so times that distance toward the east. Under a tree, under an inverted pot, you should find the letterbox.

Note: The letterbox is not inside the church yard or cemetery.

Continuing on Dodd Road the gang headed towards Shieldsville.